Episode 008 - It is a Good News

It's our 8th episode about everybody's favorite 8th letter of the alphabet, "H!" This time, we learn about one of the most disappointing man-behind-the-curtain Twitter account reveals, we will find out that there's more history than we expected about the horse-head-on-a-stick you ride around everywhere, and we'll peer into the history of one of the most visible figures of the New World Order.

Episode 003 - Just Put it in the BMJ

In episode 3, we have some laughs about topics starting with the letter 'C'. Follow us down a path where we find out that cross-benching doctors can pretty much get away with anything, we pour vodka over some diamonds, and we attempt to cure your prolapsed anus by waving our arms. What? You don't have that...? Well, you should still listen.

Episode 002 - Really Totally Completely Statistically Improbable

In this episode, we attempt to discuss topics starting with 'B' even after the unthinkable happens.

You'll learn just how many straight minutes of facts you can tolerate about nature's most irreligious fruit, and be thrust (quite forcefully, through usage of something called a 'skein') into ancient times, where running your imposing-looking boats into an island was sometimes all you needed to win a war.

Episode 001 - It's Not Alan Tudyk

In our inaugural episode, we focus on articles starting with the letter 'A' and see where the Wikipedia rabbit hole takes us. We'll learn about how terrible early nature researchers did their job, how religion really got started, and why you should never really trust if the packaging says "whole grain".

You're about to lose an hour of your life and probably push something really important out of your brain.