Episode 017 - Moonshine Biscuits

Have we got an aural journey for you... it's time to learn about things that start with "Q"! We'll start off real slow with a 1950's national crisis that would probably be considered benign today, Jake will air some grievances about the fact that for once in his life he didn't know a literary reference, and then we'll reminisce about the golden days of the LaserDisc.

Episode 013 - Spanish Leatherette?

A fresh heaping helping of random knowledge is probably what you need right about now, isn't it, champ? How's about "M"? ...You like that letter! That letter was there for you when no one else was. Let's talk about America's favorite fightin' Frenchman, pull out our most obnoxious polyester plaid suits, and learn that imitation really is the sincerest form of ripping off the competition.