Episode 022 - Gastromancy

We're nearing the end of our alphabetical journey, and we can't get there without driving by the letter "V". In this episode, we remember some of the magical media that took the internet by storm, talk without moving our lips, and wrap it all up with just about the worst birthday ever.

Episode 021 - Citation Needed

We held our very first live, face-to-face recording session just for "U"! (Bad joke? Bad joke.) The audio quality is questionable, but the facts are as ironclad as ever. We'll relish in that taste at the tip of your tongue, learn just how easy it is to get state laws changed, and find out how the 16th President of the United States really missed out on a dope-ass military strategy opportunity.

Episode 017 - Moonshine Biscuits

Have we got an aural journey for you... it's time to learn about things that start with "Q"! We'll start off real slow with a 1950's national crisis that would probably be considered benign today, Jake will air some grievances about the fact that for once in his life he didn't know a literary reference, and then we'll reminisce about the golden days of the LaserDisc.